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Premium Topsoil

Shisler Bros. offer the highest quality topsoil's. Whether you are looking for a premium garden soil, a top coat or fill, we have you covered!

Garden Grow 

Our signature garden grow is packed full of nutrients and ideal for vegetable gardens, top dressing lawns and is a diverse soil for more than one project. 

Lawn Soil

This versatile product is used for grading properties, top coating new trenches, repairing areas post tree removal and is the perfect soil for sod or seeding. Don't forget to ask about our premium grass seed! 

Black Ultra

This soil is the perfect match for your planters and window boxes. Adding our black ultra mix will have your plants happy and healthy. 

Half and Half 

Our half and half mix is a perfect blend of lawn and garden soil that will have your new shrubs and tree thriving. 

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